Translations with WordPress

The best way to make your WordPress site multilingual: perfect for both simple and complex websites. With the help of automated translations that you can revise as you wish.

The translation plugin for everyone

With the help of our solution, you can translate your WordPress website into any number of languages ​​in no time at all. This allows you to increase international data traffic, reach global audiences and open up new markets: Without incurring high development costs or maintenance efforts. Our solution offers attractive functions for both beginners and experts that are second to none.

Easy to use

Our setup wizard takes you to the multilingual website in 5 minutes. Without programming knowledge or adjustments to your theme. Once set up, new content can be automatically translated if desired: And you can concentrate on developing new content.

SEO/performance optimized

Takes into account everything that is necessary for a good, SEO-optimized multilingual website: Whether it is translation of the title, meta description, slugs, hreflang tags, HTML long attributes: Google will be delighted. We are also compatible with major SEO plugins.

Highly configurable

For all experts, we offer functions such as XML/JSON translation, e-mail notifications, e-mail/PDF translations, export/import in many file formats, adaptation to various translation services and much more that no other plugin on the market offers.

Features that will inspire you

We are the only plugin solution that offers automated translation of your existing content – ​​at the push of a button. For every content change, the automatic email notification service will inform you of all the changes that have been made in the native language. And if you want to have the translations revised by a professional translation agency, you can export all automatic translations in various formats and import them again at the touch of a button.

    Comparison with other multilingual plugins

    Choosing the right technology is crucial for the one-off and ongoing development costs and the success of the project, especially for larger web projects. The established plug-in solutions on the market have different technical approaches and naturally have advantages and disadvantages. Our solution convinces with a high variety of features and combines the advantages of the existing plugin solutions on the WordPress market.

      Gtbabel WPML Polylang TranslatePress MultilingualPress GTranslate
    Automatic translations    
    Translate entire page          
    Individually expandable          
    High configurability        
    JavaScript translation        
    URL parameters          
    Functional search        
    Multiple source languages        
    HTML translation
    XML translation          
    JSON translation        
    Backend editor    
    Frontend Editor      
    Google APIs        
    Microsoft APIs          
    DeepL API      
    Individual translation service          
    SEO friendly  
    WooCommerce Support  
    Framework independent          
    Translation management          
    Email Notifications          
    Email/PDF Translation          
    MultiSite support
    Individual domains          
    Local hosting    
    Country specific LPs      
    Annual cost per instance (approx.) 149 € 49 € 99 € 139 € 99 € 335 €

    Compatible with your plugins, themes and libraries

    Do you work a lot with JavaScript, server-side rendering or use a construction kit? The technical approach of our solution leads to automatically supporting a very wide range of special themes and plugins - without any special adjustment on our or your side. We also test and optimize the plugin specifically for the most common plugins and themes and ensure optimal operation.

    Start translating your website today

    Whether web agency, advertising company, translation agency or end customer: We have the right package for all scenarios in our portfolio: With the free version up to the individual enterprise license, all options are open to you - and at an extremely attractive price. Choose the right package for you and implement comprehensive multilingualism in your website today.

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